Thursday, 11 October 2012

Nearly fixed

Been some times since my last run... Well since my last proper run. Two weeks ago I went for a brief 5km seafront run. Swirling winds and ocean spray getting splashed over Hove in the dark was exhilarating! Coming across one of the fastest guys in my local training club was great as well. Pushing it hard on the way back with him I was struggling to make a full sentence while he spoke non stop... Oh well, maybe one day!
The next day I was coaxed into playing a football match for a five a side team and after agreeing all went very well till the last 30 seconds where something in my foot "went" and I could barely walk. Unable to put any weight on my big toe I hopped home. However... there is something beneficial, actually I find it incredible, I found out during this run and game. I am no longer suffering from plantar faciitis. BOOM. Pain free running from now on, once my big toe lets me put weight on it. Back to training next week and since it's autumn I'll be looking for the crispy leaf of legends... when it's not raining.

So what now I'm almost healed? I think there are three missions to be focussed on from now till this time next year. First - is the South Downs Way. 500 pounds prize money next year to the winner. I know, I came 21st but if I don't get lost this time I will finish in the top ten fingers crossed. Second - Brighton Marathon will be looming as soon as the year is finished and to better 3:24/5 to sub 3:15 would be a dream and one step closer to the big 3. Training with the local club and cycling to and from work definitely will help with this. Lastly is the 5km time. I think my PB sits about 19:30. This was on a solo run so, while I wouldn't really count it as an official time, it's all I have to go on. A bit more training and the Hove Park runs that take place on Saturday mornings should log me a faster one ^^

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