Tuesday, 5 July 2011

What to run to

One thing for sure is I have never come across people with the same music tastes when it involves exercise. For some reason people will listen to a very defined taste to help them get through the miles. I have to admit that what I listen to is quite varied depending on the difficulty and tempo.Posting up of what gets me through... Maybe someone will be inspired.

This song is quite new to my playlist but it is so powerful it's hard not to think of it. When you need an understanding of pain, maybe on the slow miles this brings you through to the other side.

This next song... It's tough to describe so I'll explain the situation. Elevated heart rate a surge in adrenaline and the chase in sight. A great tempo for hunting someone on the sidewalk. Only listen with good earphones for the bass effect.

Devil's Dyke

An evening run with a beautiful sunset to top it off. Some of the best country side on this side of London and just outside my back door! Although it was a long run with about 6 miles up hill once they are done you know there's about another 6 all down hill on the way back.

Monday, 4 July 2011


Wow! It's been some time since I put a post up here... Not sure why but I guess I have been too busy enjoying the summer sun to sit down and make a decent contribution.

As stated in the an earlier post I was in training for the Edinburgh marathon. Was great fun to run and will be doing a lot more of those sort of runs. Managed to double to the money I was raising for charity totally just a little over 600 pounds! My time... Well I would have liked to have gone a lot faster but I guess you've to start from somewhere and the slower it is the easier it is going to be to make a new PB ;) 3 hours 46 mins was the logged time. I was hoping for closer to 3 hours 30 mins but under 4 was the general target and I got it.

Since the marathon I feel as though I have undergone a sort of change in my running. Road running whilst fun has it limits. Pounding down the beach of Brighton is great fun but after the 50th time it does feel quite monotonous not having to think about anything like foot placement or getting the burn in your legs from surging up a forest trail.

Having had this change I've upped my miles per week and almost put aside my road shoes in favour of something very similar to the minimus line. Not weighing anything is such a different feeling to the clumpy road shoes I'm used to. Will try to get some pictures of the downs I run in... they're somewhat awe inspiring...