Tuesday, 28 August 2012


My recent posts have been somewhat quick and VERY behind schedule, normally months after any event I have run. I am going to make a consorted effort to remain more up to date with my posts to keep track of what I am doing in a bid to stay motivated in this time of slack.
News As it stands just now I have Plantar Fasciitis and I want it completely shifted before I consider running again. It's a complete drag because even walking is painful and leaves the foot aching. What is this mystery problem I hear you ask! Nutshell version - You have a big tendon that runs from the heel bone across the sole of your foot. Overweight (not me) stress (me) and over use (me) can lead to lots of micro tears at the stress point (heel) and lead to pain when running or even walking. As it's a tendon and there's little blood to the site of injury and it can take a long time to heal for me I think 6 months.
I've stopped running completely to help fix this problem but this leaves me with a lot of calories to burn with out taking a step... To solve this I joined my local gym but was getting bored within the first few sessions, URG. Now I have a new machine to help me get through this! A bike :O. I haven't owned or really ridden a bike for at least a decade, I'm getting old, so getting a Raleigh classic to my name was an honour. Didn't realise how much faster road bikes are compared the off road counter versions.

Here is a picture of the beauty. It's yet to be named.

Having only made it road worthy this weekend, I've only had a chance to get out once or twice. Did my normal Devils Dyke route but on the road this time. About 2.5 times faster than running up there. I've now no excuse not to cycle to work every day which will sit me on about 70 miles a week which isn't bad.


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