Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Trail running

I came across this video recently while trying to find out more about the hype of "barefoot" running and in short I'm bought.
Having run home from work along a dual carriage way and almost been sick because of the fumes I couldn't think of anything better than running a couple of thousand feet up with snow on the mountains and tracks of animals around you. Although it's tough to find an area like that here I'm determined to get out on some trails this summer and enjoy what Britain has to offer.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011

Best foot forward!

Hi Everyone,

I've started this blog again because I am wanting to write my thoughts down again... This time though, it will be focused on a particular subject. Running of course! I've done it on and off now for a few years and only stopped due to injuries but now I have a mission to complete. Come the 22ND of May I have to be ready for my first ever marathon. A daunting task but perfectly doable as I saw last Sunday during the Brighton marathon. Men and women dressed to the nine in full fire-man suits, rhinos, even toilets. A chance meeting with the King replied to any cheers from the crowd with a "Aww, thank you very much!".

Anyway the blog will is also for myself to stay updated and keep a record of everything.