Thursday, 11 October 2012

Nearly fixed

Been some times since my last run... Well since my last proper run. Two weeks ago I went for a brief 5km seafront run. Swirling winds and ocean spray getting splashed over Hove in the dark was exhilarating! Coming across one of the fastest guys in my local training club was great as well. Pushing it hard on the way back with him I was struggling to make a full sentence while he spoke non stop... Oh well, maybe one day!
The next day I was coaxed into playing a football match for a five a side team and after agreeing all went very well till the last 30 seconds where something in my foot "went" and I could barely walk. Unable to put any weight on my big toe I hopped home. However... there is something beneficial, actually I find it incredible, I found out during this run and game. I am no longer suffering from plantar faciitis. BOOM. Pain free running from now on, once my big toe lets me put weight on it. Back to training next week and since it's autumn I'll be looking for the crispy leaf of legends... when it's not raining.

So what now I'm almost healed? I think there are three missions to be focussed on from now till this time next year. First - is the South Downs Way. 500 pounds prize money next year to the winner. I know, I came 21st but if I don't get lost this time I will finish in the top ten fingers crossed. Second - Brighton Marathon will be looming as soon as the year is finished and to better 3:24/5 to sub 3:15 would be a dream and one step closer to the big 3. Training with the local club and cycling to and from work definitely will help with this. Lastly is the 5km time. I think my PB sits about 19:30. This was on a solo run so, while I wouldn't really count it as an official time, it's all I have to go on. A bit more training and the Hove Park runs that take place on Saturday mornings should log me a faster one ^^

Tuesday, 28 August 2012


My recent posts have been somewhat quick and VERY behind schedule, normally months after any event I have run. I am going to make a consorted effort to remain more up to date with my posts to keep track of what I am doing in a bid to stay motivated in this time of slack.
News As it stands just now I have Plantar Fasciitis and I want it completely shifted before I consider running again. It's a complete drag because even walking is painful and leaves the foot aching. What is this mystery problem I hear you ask! Nutshell version - You have a big tendon that runs from the heel bone across the sole of your foot. Overweight (not me) stress (me) and over use (me) can lead to lots of micro tears at the stress point (heel) and lead to pain when running or even walking. As it's a tendon and there's little blood to the site of injury and it can take a long time to heal for me I think 6 months.
I've stopped running completely to help fix this problem but this leaves me with a lot of calories to burn with out taking a step... To solve this I joined my local gym but was getting bored within the first few sessions, URG. Now I have a new machine to help me get through this! A bike :O. I haven't owned or really ridden a bike for at least a decade, I'm getting old, so getting a Raleigh classic to my name was an honour. Didn't realise how much faster road bikes are compared the off road counter versions.

Here is a picture of the beauty. It's yet to be named.

Having only made it road worthy this weekend, I've only had a chance to get out once or twice. Did my normal Devils Dyke route but on the road this time. About 2.5 times faster than running up there. I've now no excuse not to cycle to work every day which will sit me on about 70 miles a week which isn't bad.


Sunday, 19 August 2012

The story this year

Back again with a late post! It's been a busy sixth months this year two more marathons done and thee single longest race I have taken part in was not only completed, but competitively I did pretty good! I'll start with Brighton. Finishing time was 3 hours 24 mins which was 22 mins off my old time. The day was perfect weather and had a great time running it too!
Edinburgh was a nightmare! Finishing in just under 4 hours, I wasn't having a good day. Bad food the night before and being too hot through out the race. Could barely finish it and very nearly gave up. Excellent training for those hard times which I was expecting to crop up fairly soon in this 100 mile race across the South Downs Way.
So on June the 29th I had my overnight bag packed, tent with me and was on the train to Winchester. Arrived early so had a nice day dozing in the gardens around the little city. After setting up my tent we had a few meetings to discuss tomorrows event and all the health and safety precautions. The tension was palpable, so many people doing their first race of this distance. Everyone looking at each other sizing them up. Everyone asking about expected finish times. Mine? I just said "I'm hoping to finish it." Set your standards low and hope for the best when you give it your all! Now the camping... The only problem with my tent was I hadn't slept in a tent for about twenty years I had no underlay so I spent the night getting a sore back and the rain. Worst part was I didn't sleep. 45 mins at best. Still worked out OK in the end ;) When the race started immediately I saw the elite crowd jump off. I held back and ran with some good guys for the first 40. Both dropped off not feeling well but eventually came back in the end ahead of me! Mile fifty I felt pretty bad and sat for 15 mins while I waited for the food to kick in. It was at this point I thought I am doing well and should start pushing it. Kicking it up a gear was exhilarating. Chasing people down for hours on end. It was going so well and managed to jump up to 7th or 8th position before I took a wrong turn and ended up at the sea! Not good. About an hour later and back on track my ankles had seized up. Tiredness was setting in and it wasn't nice. Still I got over the line, eventually. Finishing in 22 hours and 47 mins in 20th place I promptly broke down, it was something of an achievement and personal goal for my self. I don't know who or what I was proving but I did, I really did.

Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New Year a new goal

So where to next?! Big question really. I experienced my first marathon (Edin) and shortly afterwards found out that you don't have to run on tarmac! What a revelation. Six months later and two more runs I have my sights set on what would be (for me) the achievement of a life time. Namely because it would be such an adventure my fantasy fiction brain just sees it as a LotRs quest ;) Two races are in mind here. First and probably more amazing is the WS100, the second and a lot closer to home is UTMB. To get at either of these races I need to qualify... Amazingly there is a race taking place out my back door that gets me in on both :O It has to be fate, or maybe a prophecy or at work here!

Anyway the South Downs Way 100 is the challenge set for late June and I've managed to find myself a grizzled veteran of the ultra scene who is taking part. Only last Sunday I was rinsed like a wet flannel by someone at least double my age on the climbs of Devils Dyke. Can't wait!