Tuesday, 31 January 2012

New Year a new goal

So where to next?! Big question really. I experienced my first marathon (Edin) and shortly afterwards found out that you don't have to run on tarmac! What a revelation. Six months later and two more runs I have my sights set on what would be (for me) the achievement of a life time. Namely because it would be such an adventure my fantasy fiction brain just sees it as a LotRs quest ;) Two races are in mind here. First and probably more amazing is the WS100, the second and a lot closer to home is UTMB. To get at either of these races I need to qualify... Amazingly there is a race taking place out my back door that gets me in on both :O It has to be fate, or maybe a prophecy or at work here!

Anyway the South Downs Way 100 is the challenge set for late June and I've managed to find myself a grizzled veteran of the ultra scene who is taking part. Only last Sunday I was rinsed like a wet flannel by someone at least double my age on the climbs of Devils Dyke. Can't wait!