Tuesday, 30 August 2011

50km and a period of slack

So it was my first ultra in what could be called minimal shoes and I don't think I'll be running in anything else. Feet were sore at the end but aren't everyones! The grip in my MT101s is second to none in the mud (international sole)and they stuck to my feet and never felt uncomfortable. I have to admit that I picked up a fair bit of grass seed from going through the fields but that seemed to be the only thing that caused a problem. Next time NB have a sale on I'll get another pair or two depending on when I can get hold of the MT110 ^^

It's been a while since I last posted on here and about half as long since I last went for a run! What's happened I'm not too sure.

Fairland valley 50km race just before a well earned holiday in Spain ( of which the hills are amazing to run in). The Fairlands run was a blast. Good support along the way thanks to LJ. It was run more for fun than anything serious but my finishing time (5hrs 30mins) was a little slower than I expected, but I suffered some difficulties in energy levels after the 22nd mile. However, a massive plus was after the race. Almost no pain in feet/knees :O This was something new, and work the next day was a doddle with very little stiffness. Whether it was all the training prior or the salty Ribena mix that did the trick I felt another 20 miles wouldn't have been out of the question (a slow 20 miles). Great race and a great day and a big thanks to te Fairland Valley Spartans for organising such a well run event. :)

Since the race I've only ran a handful of times and something has demotivated me... What I don't know ^^ But for the time being it seemed to have passed. A bank holiday in Cornwall seems to have worked wonders.

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